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Boys in the bardo

We have all been there. “It’s only when we lose the illusion of control that we discover the creative potential of our lives”. Transition and change were presenting themselves in multiplicity. The altered state paving the way to incider [sic] thoughts. Akin to the apple falling from the tree, it struck us. This was our passage to living, an opportunity for rebirth. And so, three thinkers cider was born.

We knew the cider was good. We knew we wanted more. Our three minds naturally complementing one another, like bangers & mash and a bottle of dry Lake Tahoe cider. The synergy of three thinkers working together to create a product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

It only takes the planting of a small seed for an orchard of opportunity to grow. Whether sown by hand or bear scat, the trees blossom and the fruits are borne. The ‘forgotten’ crabbies finally foraged, firmly pressed, filtered, fermented and finessed into 750ml bottles.

So, the time has come to start sharing our handcrafted heritage, with its distinct Tahoe terroir, to the folks who, like us, are disillusioned by the illusion.

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